Zoom The Silver Alps    (RG148s)
Zoom The Silver Alps    (RG148s)
Zoom The Silver Alps    (RG148s)
Zoom The Silver Alps    (RG148s)

The Silver Alps (RG148s)


The Silver Alps

The Silver Alp rings is a statement ring balancing its equal composition of sterling silver and brass. This ring has a wide inner band of solid silver and outer lower ring of yellow alpha brass – crafted into the shape of running hills. Super fine cross-hatch lines have been etched into the exposed silver top.

(We choose to use yellow brass in our rings, rather than gold plate, because of its longevity. Brass will not colour fade or wear. We encourage our customers to wear their via SMiTH rings everywhere, all the time.)


Ring Dimensions:

Band width 9.5mm 



The Silver Alps comes in four sizes:

Extra Large – US size 10 / AUST T 1/2 (19.8mm diameter)

Large – US size 9 / AUST R 1/2 (19mmm diameter)

Medium -US  size 7.5 / AUST O 1/2  (17.7mm diameter)

Small – US size 6 / AUST L 1/2   (16.5mm diameter)

ring size guide

Tips and tricks for a better fit:

Go up a size for wider bands. The wider the band the tighter the fit.


Materials & Care

This ring is made of a combination of .925 sterling silver and yellow brass, therefore there will be NO fading or wearing of colour even if worn everyday.

If you leave/don't wear your ring for a while it may become a little dull or darker due to normal oxidisation.

In this case there's 3 options:

  1. polish with the cleaning cloth supplied with your order/packaging.
  2. a simple soft brush/rub with normal toothpaste will instantly brighten.
  3. simply ear it! your ring will regain its sparkle in 1-2 days of normal wearing and washing.


What if the size I ordered is not right ?

simple - just return it to us and we will exchange your ring for another of our stocked sizes.(This will cost you the return postage of the ring to us note ring must be in original condition with no wear).

it is possible to order a custom  size if non of our stocked sizes are the right fit for you-this will take approx 3 weeks and a custom order cost of an additional 

The Silver Alps (RG148s)