About Us


via SMiTH


The via SMiTH label is the shared love of creating - of both designer and maker.

Our pieces are the result of my love to ‘play’ with shape and form and our silver-smiths’ incredible skills to then interpret and create.

The name via SMiTH is simply because our pieces happen via Michelle SMITH and our silver SMITHS.




My whole life has been art.  Making, learning, teaching, producing and now selling.  There’s not been a time that I haven’t used art – for designing, for teaching, for building, and for work.  For me jewellery is wearable art and so must be well designed… simple but thoughtful, balanced but interesting, classic but new.

The via SMiTH shapes are my play on simple geometry, with the added fun of texture and colour. Layers and lines, silvers and golds, bold shapes and small - it’s a labour of love for me and hopefully a treat for you.



Let’s Talk About Bali…

I’m sometimes hesitant to talk about Bali despite my absolute love for this island and its people. Unfortunately, some people can’t see past its reputation for Bintang and pool parties. But the real Bali is sooo much more. 


It is an island rich in tradition, culture and art. An absolute melting pot of not only the local Balinese people, but people of all nationalities who have made Bali their new home.  Traditional arts such as painting, sculpture, weaving and textiles play an everyday role in Balinese life.  Not to mention their silver smiths who are some of the best in the world!


Silver smiths in Bali are known simply as “smiths”. Their craft is usually a family tradition – a profession passed down from one generation to the next.  We have been so incredibly lucky to find the ‘best of the best’ silver smiths to work with. Their intricate skills and knowledge of material, not to mention the ability to interpret my non-logical drawings, have blown me away.  

Our production team is a small family run business (brother/ sister team) who train, support and employ a team of talented smiths.  All practises go above and beyond industry standards and all whilst still ‘living’ Balinese traditions every day.


I’ve loved making this range and have so many more shapes and ideas to bring to life.

If you have a question or request for one of our pieces to be a different size – please contact us.  We are more than happy to see what we can do for you.


I really do hope you like the via SMiTH range so far!

terima kasih