Ring Sizing

Get the right RING SIZE


Method 1:

Measure an existing ring.

Print out our ring size guide and match the ring diameter to a size.

viaSMiTH rings come in:

Extra Large -   US 10 / AUST T½  (19.8mm Dia)

Large –            US 9 / AUST R ½ (18.9MM Dia)

Medium –        US 7.5 / AUST O ½ (17.7mm Dia)

Small –            US 6 / AUST L ½ (16.5mm Dia)

Extra Small -    US 5 / AUST J½  (15.7mm Dia)

viaSMiTH can make custom sized rings, so whatever your size is we can make a ring to fit.



Method 2:

Printout our ring size guide

and use the paper sizer

and follow the instructions







Tips and tricks for a better fit:

Go up a size for wider bands. The wider the band the tighter the fit.

Your fingers swell and contract during the day.

Consider your knuckle. Make sure your ring fits over your knuckle and size as required.